Downfalls & Festivals.

So i posted my previous blog without much description or news from my side, and i know I've been slacking when it comes to keeping it fresh here on my little piece of this vast cyber space plateau.

As most of you know i was selected for the FHM top 100 models 2011, the votes closed on the 15 th of December on the 16th the top 10 where announced, i was not one of them, just didn't make the cut.
I probably could have done more but hey thats how we learn.
Would like to again thank all of you who voted means so much to me, your support my friends was  overwhelming.

The other news... in my previous blog i posted a bunch of photographs i took backstage at Synergy of Flash republic it was such a highlight for me, was so excited with my results.
I had never been to a synergy before, there where a few glitches when it came to schedules and sound at stages, but overall I was so impressed, the turn out was extreme, the venue layout and design was awesome, and the line up did not disappoint in the least.

Here are some photo's of the guys and i at the festival.

I dont quite now how to explain the last image but things like this happen when your at synergy.

We lived it up at the VIP tent area with nothing close to VIP sleeping arrangements however all the other necessary elements where there ;)

In other news.. well you just wait and see :) JBP

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