Beauty & Death

It's a beautiful Tuesday morning, isn't it?

I just found out in relation to my last blog that they are going to be making a movie for Dead island simply based on the fantastic trailer, my bet is its going to be pretty awesome.

In other news Trigger just sent me some new beauty shots.
Photography by SJ Van Zyl and Make-up Stephanie Hocking.


That's Right I'm Blogging About A Game.

Marc : Hey baby!? Can I show you something?

Myself : Pffft!!! NO! ;)

Marc : Please!

Myself : Whats it? :)

Marc : Just come here...

Myself : hehehe of-course!

we watch this

Marc : So?

Myself : O OOOOOOOOO O MY GOSH BABY!!!!!! Thats Incredible....

Seriously phenomenal trailer, and Its downloading on steam as we speak!