& We Created Sound

It was Saturday the 4th of September when i hear 'the bucket' by Kings of Leon going off in the corner of my room, it dawns on me that it is now time to stumble out of bed, take my phone off charge, and hit snooze. As i throw myself and phone back into bed wondering why my alarm was set for a Saturday?.... Then i realise.... I need to get myself and nicks ass's out of bed, "The Machine & I"
have there first band practice in a little less than an hour!

I rush out of bed and into the shower, rush back out get ready & try to wake the frost man.
Not an easy venture, but doable non the less.
We wait for Grizzle he's running late too, once he's there we shoot from my place to Frost's to fetch his drums, then realizing we've left mike's and stands back at mine, so back there, then get to Julian's, (where he lay sound asleep) after much wafting about we eventually make our way to the HELDERVUE band room where The Machine & I are having practice.

"The Machine & I" you wonder?
The next fresh thing straight from the roots of the West
Phil Grizzle on Bass, Nick Frost on lead Guitar, Julian Bach on Drums & myself JesseBeth on lead Vocals. A Blues Rock, musical explosion to keep your eyes out for!
We are having our first Gig at the Nameless Halloween party this year, but we'll let you know all about that in time.

We all started to set up for practice not knowing what to expect, would we jam well together? what's it going to sound like? I was uber excited....
As we began to jam, riffs, bass lines, vocals and drums started to flow, We played from about 13h00 to 16h00 working on material we're so amped to build on, a sound i cant wait to find and watch grow..  i cant imagine what we may stumble across, it makes me all nervous and excited just thinking about it.

Keep your eyes and ears open... 

check out some of the shots from practice along with lyrics.  JBP