On The Other Side Of The Mountain

It took awhile, got distracted, but I finally revamped Small Glory a bit.

The new header background photo I took from my fathers front lawn. I went and spent a week with him not to long ago and came home with way to many photos of stars, sunsets and open water.

Along with luggage, books, records, photos and a bunch of other bits my grandmother gave me from the 40's 50's & 60's. I spent hours going through boxes of the crazies stuff, and found many small treasures.
It was good to see my father and be by the sea, did some driving lots of reading and got productive.

In closing I would just like to acknowledge my fathers beard, since he has decided to stop trimming it.
He had just made use of an angle grinder to cut into a wall, hence all the dust but I think its rather extraordinary.

Tomorrow Ill be posting a new video test I did, its pretty rad so keep an eye out. 

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