Bad Teacher!

I don't usually blog about movies, but while in search for a funny chick flick last night, I stumbled across 
Bad Teacher a comedy starring Cameron Diaz who plays Elizabeth, a sexy, gold digging bad ass teacher with a foul mouth she hits 16h20 long before the rest of us while sporting a wardrobe I couldn't help but gush over.. In my opinion Cameron Diaz killed it! in every good sense of the word.
Jason Segel from how 'I met your Mother' who's a incredibly humorous, charming and sarcastic gym teacher Russell. As well as Justin Timberlake, he's a weaselly, bow tie wearing, chump! substitute named Scott, but he's funny while doing it so we'll give him that. 
Not going to give much away, its worth the watch, I personally found it so funny!



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