Sea & Snow

Jessie, Marc and I went on a small mission through to Fish Hoek this last weekend.
We met up with Kimmy, Crystal, Seth and a bunch of other cool cats.
Started out chilled but things didn't seem to continue that way, 
after a very long heavy night we took Saturday at a glacial pace. 
The family and my friends and I had dinner, drinks a jam and a laugh.. ah, its was good for the soul.
That Sunday we met up with Mr Jacques Snow to shoot.
The man and I have since discovered all the other mediums of art in which we're going to undertake together and you all should keep our eyes and ears open :)

Here are some shots from the shoot.
listening to > The KONGOS

Mr Snow rocked it!!! Thank you to my lovely mother for doing make up, I missed you Kimmy, and to my gorgeous man for assisting.


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