Coco, Coffee and Smokes...

It's 08h32 Thursday morning, I have a smoke in my left hand, half a cup of black coffee, and I'm listening to the 'Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn' album by Coco Rosie.

Thought I'd stop neglecting my few loyal readers and let you know whats in the pipeline for the next month and whats been happening in the last, shall I?
Been shooting quite a bit, some killer new modeling work coming up which I'm super excited to see, not yet seen myself! A couple of castings which I should hear back from soon, eekk lets hope!
Also been getting great feedback from gigs, people are starting to ask to hear more of what frost and I are doing, It makes me super amped when I get direct messages from people who want recordings for themselves.... guess I better get on that then hey!?....

While on the topic of music, I have an audition next Wednesday at Kill City studios. I'm Auditioning for lead vocalist of the Sleepers, yeah not daunting at all I know, but gonna try kill it anyway, lets hope Pandora finds it!

Moving today!!! gonna go get all my things, then camp out at Frost for a little, till I find a new place.
I'm gonna miss my room, didn't spend much time in it anyways though. I'll miss things like the sound of random laughs and sentences coming from the study while Richard jams on his PC and Nikita asking me to walk downstairs with her to get a glass of water cause its too dark...... two people who have always been there for me and without em don't know what I would have done.

I'll let you all know what happens, also the Circus is playing at Bohemia this Sunday, come through check it out, Nick and I will be jamming some new stuff.
In the mean time listen to this.

Much love. Beth

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