Hey!... Um You Want To Be In A Human Trafficking PSA?

I had just been picked up from a shoot with Kassandra De Araújo and my brother Seth turns to me and says "we should defiantly go out tonight" so we spiffed up and made our way to the shak in Cape Town.
Innocently enjoying our night, i walk up the stairs and a young man approaches me and asks if i would like to be in a human trafficking campaign, first i thought haha yea right, but i heard him out and took his card casually and went on my way.
A few days later while rummaging for a lighter in my hand bag i find this card for the Fabulous Boomtown boys film production and i remember being approached for the PSA (public service announcement), i get in contact with them go for a meet and greet and next thing i know i'm walking into the CTICC to shoot a awareness campaign Aweh!

Totally nervous not knowing what to expect i go to the first woman i see on the set and tell her who i am, she turns and says "O! your our number one prostitute" ( hmmmm sorry your what?). They show me to the dressing rooms and i meet the crew, the wardrobe mistress and i hit it off immediately Nunushka, one of the greatest and most hard working woman I've ever met.
After hair and make-up i slip into this very skimpy beige number and they bring out this huge roll of cling wrap....
O yes, i was completely  covered in cling wrap, then placed on a conveyor belt. Then just for fun wrapped in a little more once sitting, this in turn led to my not being able to move.. at all. Having to be picked up by big large men i had never seen before in order to fit everything in the shot as the conveyor belt holding all of the cast and some luggage could not be stopped while shooting - and i was right at the beginning leading to me being the first to come off.

After four hours my body started to become numb and and i could feel the heat.... Crew walking past offering me high fives and water was hilarious as i was incapable of using my hands.
A little while later i hear... cut! Slow relief, as cling wrap is removed, i put some more clothes on and get on
my way.

All the guys involved in making this PSA were amazing, I made some great long life friends on that set and the results were totally worth it! Was awesome to see people so devoted to what they doing and doing things for a good cause. A cause that is not being recognized enough, people are being trafficked everyday, especially with 2010 underway in SA its getting worse, too many people turn a blind eye! Its not only something we see in movies but it is just as bad if not worse its happening all around us....

You can find more information about the campaign and how to help by visiting- Not For Sale South Africa

This PSA is also being aired on SABC and Mnet as well as Ster Kinekor cinemas.

Check it out guys! JBP